The Gay & LesBian Social The Netherlands group follows both the Meetup Policies and Community Guidelines, and group-specific guidelines below:


  • What is the group about?
    • Gay and Lesbian Social Connection is a Meetup group run by and for members of the LGBTQI community offering a fun and safe space to hang out for all genders, races and ages within the LGBTQI community.
  • What are the group’s core value(s)?
    • Respect – we respect each other (regardless of gender, sexual orientation, convictions, ethnicity, age, etc.) and each other’s differing opinions, processes, and perspectives
    • Safe space – we offer a safe place for the members of the LGBTQI community 
  • What is the group NOT intended for?
    • Straight people becoming members to hang out with LGBTQI people (exception: straight friend coming as LGBTQI member’s +1 guest) and straight people looking for sexdates with LGBTQI people
    • Advertising commercial offers that target LGBTQI consumers
    • Finding help with asylum matters 
    • Finding random people a date (you have to work on that yourself)
    • Finding a sperm donor or a womb
    • Finding housing
    • Promoting other events without being hosted by a member of the Event Host team
  • What is not tolerated in the group?
    • Disrespectful behaviour
    • Discrimination based on gender color, race religion, sexual preference.
    • Negativity towards other members
    • Harassment & Stalk Behaviour – We have zero tolerance policy!
    • Dishonesty 


Purpose : Ensure the ongoing operation of the Meetup group through support of the Event Hosts and interactions with and other groups

Minimum requirements to be a Group Organizer. 

  • Experienced Event Host. 
  • Awareness of group’s membership, other event hosts, and other ongoing and one-time events
  • Knowledge on all aspects of operating the Meetup group
  • Be visible as part of the main-organizer group so Event Hosts and Members know who to contact
  • Answer inquiries about the meetup group, from members and other organizations
  • Support Event Hosts
  • Facilitate community outreach with other meetup groups and other outside LGBT groups
  • Manage finances of the group by paying Meetup and web hosting fees
  • Setup and maintain guidelines
  • Resolve conflict situations within the meetup group
  • Motivate members to become event hosts


  • Minimum requirements to host events
    • Follows the Organizer and Leadership Standards Best Organizer Practices
    • Follows the Meetup Group Policies Standards for Meetup Groups
    • Follows the Usage and Content Policies Rules for Using Meetup
    • Experience with this Group – previously attended 3 meetups to get a feeling of how existing meetups in this group work
    • Clear Communication – on initial announcement of event details and subsequent changes to the event. Answer questions of members about the event
    • Cooperation – with other Event Hosts and the Main Organizers 
    • Punctuality – arrive on-time/early for own meetup event. If you do run late inform your members, do reach out to another member of the Event Host team to help you out if necessary
    • Reliability – members attend with the expectations described in the event, hence last minute cancellations should be avoided. Notify other Event Hosts & Main Organizers. 
    • Meets minimum requirements for general member (see below)
    • Refrain from gossip and venting about other members
    • Inclusiveness – Event Hosts will not restrict other members from joining their events or partaking in their conversations, because of their personal likes and dislikes, based on gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.
    • Events are Free to join, except when there are costs to share. Once or twice a year there will be a benefit Meetup for this group to cover the costs.
    • A commercial host, not part of the Event Host team can not host or co-host a Meetup Event.
    • Check the agenda before you post a new event. If there are already events posted on that day, see if your event is an addition and not competition for the other event. Also check out this this text that goes out to all new Event Hosts
  • All events in the Gay & Lesbian Social Group are hosted by a member from the Event Host team
  • If an Event Host is choosing a Co-Host from the group that is not a member of the Event Host Team, the Event Host is responsible for the actions and well being of the Co-Host.
  • Events & event hosts that do not meet requirements may be subject to removal at the discretion of the main organizers


  • Minimum requirements to join the group & attend events
    • Follows the Usage and Content Policies Rules for Using Meetup
    • Reliability – notify your RSVP on events even in case of last minute change to avoid making event hosts & already present members wait for you
    • Being Real – we encourage members to use their real names and recognizable profile picture. It is not mandatory. At the events hosts discretion the member may be asked to upload a recognizable picture. Members with offensive names and pictures will be asked to update their profile. If they fail to do so they will be removed from the group. 
    • Inclusiveness – be mindful not to exclude other members in activities and conversations
    • Respect Privacy – be sensitive to a person’s need for privacy and obtain consent before posting group photos
    • Rudeness, disrespectful behaviour and stalking behaviour will not be tolerated in this group. We have a no tolerance policy.
    • Be open minded towards all members of the LGBTQI community, other religions, races and cultures
  • Members who do not meet requirements may be subject to removal/banning from the group at the discretion of the main organisers


What goes where?

  • Meetup event description & photos. Description about the Meetup event, location, date, what the event is about. Photos of and about the event. Only Meetup events get posted, we do not post information on events not hosted by a member off the Event Host Crew. 
  • Meetup discussion tool. Turned off for this group.
  • Group mailing list. Will only be used for Organizers messages to all members. Not to be used for personal or single event promotion.

Social Media

  • Facebook group. Personal messages from members and events from other groups etc. No commercial messages
  • Facebook page. Messages and events from Gay Lesbian Social The Netherlands 
  • Twitter Messages from Gay lesbian Social The Netherlands 
  • Website. Information about our organization, faq, guidelines and mission statement. Also pulls up our calendar together with that of other LGBTQI Meetup groups that share our values and like to work together with us. 

Financial and other liability 

Handling finances for a paid event is the sole responsibility of the Event Host.

In no way is the Gay and Lesbian meetup group responsible for damages and or costs. In addition: 

  • Tickets – Members are responsible for their own ticket costs.
  • Renting a facility – Members are responsible for sharing costs of rented facilities, by paying upfront so the costs are covered before the event starts
  • Food & drinks – Members are responsible for their own food & drink costs, paying directly/immediately. Event Hosts are advised not to run a tab.