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VR party

VR party

Join us in venturing into worlds beyond our mundane every-day reality.
This event is intended for people who have never experienced interactive VR – so if you have never touched a headset before or you have used some mobile headset. Now you get to navigate, explore and interact in the virtual world.

The intent is to allow everybody an adequate time to experience VR so the calculation is that everybody can get a total of 30+ minutes in 3 different rounds:

1. A short intro experience that demonstrates what VR is and how to interact with the virtual world.
2. A song or two in Beat Saber, the most popular VR game.
3.A “main experience” of choice:

-> SkyrimVR
Fight enemies with magic (Palpatine style) or archery. Or if you are a Skyrim fan – see what it feels like to inhabit this world yourself.

-> Lone Echo
A sci-fi experience where you navigate in zero gravity and fix problems with the space station mining the rings of Saturn. There is no fighting in this one.

-> Robo Recall
A futuristic game where you shoot rogue robots.

The limit of this meetup is 7 participants because VR takes actual space and in order to allow an adequate time for everybody to experience VR in a proper way.
If there is interest there will be further similar events in the next weeks.
You can join this event only if you have attended previous group meetups.

The event is free of charge but there will be no free food or drinks. We will organize a visit to the nearby AH before it starts.

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