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Theatre Performance – Dorian – Noord Nederlands Toneel

Theatre Performance – Dorian – Noord Nederlands Toneel

View LGBTQ meetups Save the date: Tuesday, 20 Nov 2018 7:30

“About eternal youth, image and the fear of being left alone.”

Join me for a Dutch-spoken / English-Surtitled play at the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg. Description below.

19:30 – Meet for a drink at the Stadsschouwburg cafe
20:30 – Performance begins

Ticket cost – 33.50 EUR

If you wish to join, you can buy your ticket directly from Stadsschouwburg. If you wish to get a seat near us, see below seat numbers:

Timothy, Leendert Jan, Menno, Kristof, Michael +1, Christian, Budi, Julio
rij 13 stoel 13,15,17,19,21,20,18,16,14

Zana – rij 13 stoel 12
Konrad, Mo – rij 14, stoel 11,13
Gabriel – rij 15 stoel 15
Alexander – rij 8, stoel 8
Pavlin – rij 2, stoel 20
Marc, Sherman – rij 18

If you have other questions, let me know.
Looking forward to it!


after The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

A visual spectacle that transcends the boundaries of theatre, performance, art and literature.

About 125 years after the release of Wilde’s novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, our obsession with youth and the feeling of living our lives to the fullest has only increased. But do we lose ourselves in our desire for the new, the beautiful and the special? And if we are always focused on developing ourselves, what does that mean for our relationships with others? With these questions as a starting point, Javier Barcala wrote a theatrical adaptation of Dorian Gray’s famous novel for Noord Nederlands Toneel. Barcala sets Dorian at a contemporary art market, where Dorian Gray (played by Bram van der Heijden) – an ambitious, handsome student of the arts with a troubled past – becomes a protege to the once influential art collector Bambi Pelecano (played by Bien De Moor). She sees in Dorian’s youth and good looks a possibility to reignite her stardom.

Hailing from Belgium, the multitalented guest director Christophe Coppens was trained as a dramatist but had his breakthrough as a designer and visual artist. He crafts a show full of visual spectacle that transcends the boundaries of theatre, performance, art and literature.

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