Gay and LesBian Social Connection The Netherlands

LHBTI Lesbisch & Homo Meetup Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht

The Hague walk (8 or 17 km)

The Hague walk (8 or 17 km)

Mandatory dress code: sportswear.

Meeting – 11:00 on Anna van Buerenplein – the small square in front of the right side exit of the Hague central station. (With your back to the trains the left exit is the one with the trams, the right one is the one with a small hidden square – where we will meet.) If you can’t find us or are running late – my number is 0646 366 090.


The Hague has amazing forest parks, I was surprised by the parks that look and feel like real forests. This event is a part of series of walking tours in some of the Dutch cities, with many things to see – parks, diverse and interesting urban environments.

We are going to walk with a “strolling” speed, there are OV stops regularly on the route for people who get tired.

Scheveningen is in the middle of the route, when we get there we can decide if we want to do the second part or do we want to enjoy drinks (and food) on the beach.

A reminder that the 1.5 meter distance rule is still in force. Be mindful about your own and other people’s protection and feeling of safety and comfort. If you do feel unsafe during the event please let the event host know.

Reacties zijn gesloten.