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GLOW Eindhoven Light Festival

GLOW Eindhoven Light Festival

Come join for a walk of the GLOW light festival in Eindhoven. We’ll gather at Grand Cafe Centraal for a drink first then begin our walk shortly after. Since it’s a 2-hour long evening walk in November, eating dinner before and dressing warmly is recommended. We may stop for a glass of Glühwein.

19:30 – Meet for a drink at Grand Cafe Centraal
20:00 – Walk to the starting point (location 1 on the route map)
22:30 – Complete our walk – Say our goodbyes or stay for a drink


Join/leave us at any point. You may want to do this if you are checking out the lightshow at a particular time. More info about the light show:


With GLOW, the strong bond that Eindhoven has with light is accentuated. Since 1870 the match industry started and in 1891 Philips established a light bulb factory there. This made the city a source of light for the entire world. Eindhoven is not called Lichtstad for nothing.

GLOW shapes the DNA of Eindhoven. Traditionally, Eindhoven may be the city of lights, but now it is the city of Technology, Design and Knowledge, and especially its combination. With light we show that in a magical and accessible way.

Made in Eindhoven

GLOW distinguishes itself with the ambition to create light art every year with a focus on innovation and talent development. The light art projects at GLOW Eindhoven are specially designed for the festival. Many of these projects are from Eindhoven soil and are conceived and created here by internationally renowned designers, technicians and artists. Part of the artworks consists of co-production between one of the high-tech companies in the region and young, up-and-coming talent. Starting this year, these homemade projects are made from so-called GLOWlabs.

The results are almost all world premieres: new technologies and new projects. GLOW offers a platform for these talents, with the aim of putting them out at light festivals worldwide. This is how GLOW wants to carry out its mission:

Eindhoven makes the difference in light art.

Looking forward to seeing you,
Anke, Przemek, Timothy

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