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Coffee & Exhibition – All the Rembrandts – Rijksmuseum

Coffee & Exhibition – All the Rembrandts – Rijksmuseum

Come join me for the All the Rembrandts exhibit at the Rijksmuseum on the Ascension Day public holiday (30 May). Admission for this exhibit is only by timed entry tickets, currently sold-out 2 weeks ahead. Therefore book your ticket in advance.

11:15am – Meet in west garden of Rijksmuseum on the Jan Luijkenstraat side (see map pin) for coffee**
11:30am – Enter exhibit with 11:30am timed-entry ticket
12:45pm – Re-group after exhibit

** grab your coffee nearby from Kiosk Rembrandt Van Gogh in Museumplein

COST € 19.00 (or FREE with Museumkaart)

You must book a timed-entry ticket online (even with Museumkaart) from:

– Select MAY 30 date
– Select 11:30-12:00 time-slot

Check above link now to see if 11:30 timed ticket is still available.

TIP: currently tickets are sold-out 2 weeks in advance, and morning timeslots sell o ut earlier, so be sure to book your ticket asap to ensure you can get a 11:30 timed-entry ticket


All the Rembrandts will explore different aspects of Rembrandt’s life and work through a number of themes. The first section presents the milestones of his career as a young artist; when Rembrandt looks at himself in the mirror, the viewer looks over his shoulder. A close examination of Rembrandt’s many self-portraits reveals his growth as an artist of incomparable talent.

The second section of the exhibition focuses on Rembrandt’s surroundings and the people in his life. As a young man Rembrandt honed his craft by painting portraits of his mother, his family and acquaintances. He even made a powerful portrait of his wife Saskia as she lay ill in bed. The artist was also fascinated by the wider world around him: the beggars, the buskers, the vagrants, the actors. He drew and painted countless portraits of the people he encountered.

Rembrandt was a gifted storyteller, and his stories are at the heart of the last section of the exhibition. The Old Testament tales inspired Isaac and Rebecca (the alternative title for The Jewish Bride, c. 1665–1669) and Self-Portrait as the Apostle Paul (1661) in which he gives masterful expression to gestures and emotions that are familiar, tangible and intimate. Early depictions of these tales tend to be delicate and refined; later in life Rembrandt used a coarser experimental technique, applying ingenious colour and light effects to further enhance the narrative and draw out its essence.

The All the Rembrandts multimedia tour and other tours run on a handheld device you hire at the museum. You can reserve one in advance for €5.
All tours are also available for free in the Rijksmuseum App.
If you want to use your own phone or tablet, make sure you bring your own headset and that your battery is fully charged.

Looking forward to seeing you,

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