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LHBTI Lesbisch & Homo Meetup Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht

Board Games Online

Board Games Online

Last week we started playing Coup, a bluffing game, pretty complex I thought, so here is one of the many tutorials to get you warmed up:

We realised we needed the video conferencing function so we will continue using this website (Chrome works best), for up to 12 people:

The games platform:

It’s a good idea to use 2 devices, eg a laptop for the board games website and a phone for the chat app. All conference calls use a lot of network data, so be aware of possible costs if not on wifi.

Last week I mentioned donations and this was well received, thanks so much! It’s clear we can share the load. So just to elaborate, I post this event in both the “Nerdy Queer Women/NB+” and “Amsterdam LesBian-Social” groups. The people that started these groups (M. and I.) have been paying the annual susbscription fees to for years. It would be great if we can split these costs too. Let’s discuss it in the next event.

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