To improve the accuracy of attendee RSVPs and increase the overall quality of the group’s Meetup events, each Meetup event will now specify an “RSVP Policy”.

Event Hosts can state the RSVP Policy in the Meetup event description to let members know how RSVPs will be handled. Also, members can read the RSVP Policy to understand the expectations on them if they RSVP YES to the event.

The RSVP Policy stated on an event can be one of the following:


  • no payment to participate (aside from own drinks/food/tickets)
  • no tracking of no-show members
  • this is the policy when none is mentioned on the Event

Tracked RSVP

  • your Event Host may ask you to update your RSVP before a certain date. 
  • the Event Host may flag members who RSVP YES but don’t show-up, as No-Show
  • on future meetups with attendee-limit, Event Hosts may give preference to members based on RSVP-attendance record. 

Example on Meetup Descriptions

RSVP Policy: Tracked
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