Gay and LesBian Social Connection The Netherlands

LHBTI Lesbisch & Homo Meetup Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht

Board Games Online

Board Games Online

Same time same place, let’s play.

Video conferencing:

The games platform:

We are experimenting with breakout groups, where some of us play one game and others play another game. It’s a bit of a juggle doing this from a distance, on home wifi networks, with with multiple devices and multiple apps, but it’s very interesting. Just like a puzzle :).

The event costs some money to organise so I have started asking for donations. This is, and always will be completely voluntary.

A Meetup subscription costs approximately 120 dollars per year, per group, a Premium account at Board Game Arena cost 4 Euro’s per month and a larger room at Whereby costs 10 Euro per month. The chat software is changing all the time, but because I do not want to use Zoom I am happy to take on the responsibility of the alternatives. I will also manage passing on the donations to M. and I. who have been financing these two Meetup groups for many years. Thank you both!

Donate for “The QnbLBiTI board games+ meetup.” at

_This link is valid until 30 January_

The QR code attached is for the same link….

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